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Jemboy's Babbles Beer and Dolls

28 June 1973
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I am 32 from the UK, I have a partner of 5 years now (Tony) and we have 3 dogs (Dfer, Podge & Hugo)which keep me entertained for most of my time at home.

I have collected Jem dolls for nearly 20 years now (August 1986 to Current day with a break somewhere in the middle lol). That I also collect Hot Looks dolls and Mariah Carey remixes.

I love cartoons, and besides Jem I love She-Ra, Winx Club, Dungeons & Dragons & Thundercats all of which I am collecting on DVD now.

I have 2 jobs, I work for the University by day and by night I am super waiter at a local restaurant to pay my debts from my 20 something days.

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